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Nostalgia in Early Winter – Meng Hao Ran


The trees let fall their leaves; the geese pass heading south;
The north wind blows cold above the river’s mouth.
My childhood home is cradled in the Xiang River’s bend
Far and far beyond where Chuguo’s clouds end.
Shed among strangers, my tears have all run dry.
A lone sail hovers between the sea and sky.
What has become of the ferry? Where has it gone?
The calm sea at sunset spreads on and on.


mù luò yàn nán dù
木 落 雁 南 度

běi fēng jiāng shàng hán
北 风 江 上 寒

wǒ jiā xiāng shuǐ qū
我 家 襄 水 曲

yáo gé chǔ yún duān
遥 隔 楚 云 端

xiāng lèi kè zhōng jǐn
乡 泪 客 中 尽

gū fān tiān jì kàn
孤 帆 天 际 看

mí jīn yù yǒu wèn
迷 津 欲 有 问

píng hǎi xī màn màn
平 海 夕 漫 漫

Tree shed goose south cross
North wind river on cold
My home Xiang water bend
Far distance Chu cloud edge
Home tears travel in exhausted
Solitary sail sky edge watch
Lost ferry wish have ask

Level sea dusk wide Trees shed leaves, and geese are flying south;
The north wind blows, here on the river it’s cold.
My home is at the bend of the waters of Xiang,
Far beyond the edge of the clouds of Chu.
Travelling, I’ve exhausted my tears for home,
I watch a lone sail at the heavens’ end.
The ferry’s gone- who can I ask where?
Darkness falls beside the level sea.

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