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Wang Wei #2: Returning Home

When I was young I left my home and kin;
Now in my middle age back home I’ve come.
My  accent is still thick, my hair’s grown thin.
The children don’t recognize me, nor I them.
Laughing, they ask me where I’m from.
shǎo xiǎo lí jiā lǎo dà huí
少 小 离 家 老 大 回
When young leave home, grown old return
xiāng yīn wú gǎi bìn máo shuāi
乡 音 无 改 鬓 毛 衰
local accent not have altered, hair on the temples has receded
ér tóng xiāng jiān bù xiāng shí
儿 童 相 间 不 相 识
Children among each other not acquainted
xiào wèn kè cóng hé chǔ lái
笑 问 客 从 何 处 来
Laughing ask visitor where he is from

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