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Translation: Chun Xiao

Rain at Sunset

春眠不觉晓       The dormant Spring’s unconscious of the dawn;

 处处闻啼鸟      Birds calling everywhere go on and on.

 夜来风雨声      The night was filled with sounds of wind and rain.

 花落知多少      How many blooming hopes and dreams have gone.

     —- 春晓

 Chun1mian2 bu3 jue2 xiao3           spring sleep/dormancy unconscious dawn

Chu4 chu4 wen2 ti2 niao3             Everywhere hear cry/caw birds

Ye4 lai2 feng1 yu3 sheng1              Night come wind and rain/ trials and hardships sound

Hua1 luo4 shi1 duo1shao3             Flower fall know/realize how many

This poem has two layers of meaning implied in the Chinese characters ;  I tried to imply both also in my translation, but

it is difficult to be as subtle in English.



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