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Goodbye, My Brother – Qi Sui Nu (Tang dynasty)

Clouds hide the beginning
Of the road on which you’re leaving.
Around the pavilion leaves have fallen
All the trees are almost barren.
Left behind, alone I sigh
Like a lone wild goose unable to fly.

I love the image of the wild goose earthbound looking up as the straggling V’s of flying geese pass overhead.

song xiong
Seeing off elder brother

Poet: seven-year-old girl (Tang dynasty)

bie lu jun qu qi,
farewell road cloud at the beginning rise
At the start of the other road clouds are rising

li ting ye zheng xi
leave pavilion leaf at this time scarce.
Going away from the pavilion now leaves are scarce.

suo jie ren yi yan,
place sigh person separate/surprise wild goose
sighing person like a lone wild goose
bu zuo yi hang fei.
not make the traveling party fly.
Not able to fly with the flock.


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