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Palace News – Du Mu (803-852)


Fox News: It’s unstoppable: Trump, Kelly and Scaramucci hit by new gusher of leaks

NY Post: Latest White House leak proves no one can be trusted

Washington Times: Justice Department cracks down on leaks in Trump White House

Wouldn’t the White House appreciate the discipline of the palace courtiers in this short poem?  No leakers here!  Of course, the President is not allowed to execute anyone for their indiscretions.


Like flowers blooming quietly by the palace gate,
The courtiers line up side by side to wait.
Swallowing the desire to speak of what they’ve heard,
Before the parrot they dare not say a word.


宫中词- 杜牧(803-852)
gong1 zhong1 ci2 – du4 Mu4
Palace News – Du Mu

Ji4 ji4 hua1 shi2 bi4 yuan4 men2
Silent flower time closed courtyard gate

mei3 ren2 xiang1 bing4 li4 qiong2 xuan1
Lovely people appearance side by side fine jade lofty/door

han2 qing2 yu4 shuo1 gong1 zhong1 shi4
contain desire speak palace affairs

Ying1 wu3 qian2 tou2 bu4 gan3 yan
Parrot in front dare not speak.


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