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A Visit to Qiantang Lake – Bai Juyi

101cropA Spring Visit to QianTang Lake
Gu Shan temple to the north, to the west the Jia Pavilion.
The clouds hang low above the lake’s calm shallows.
In the sun-warmed trees  warblers sing in competition
In the mud around each house peck  returning swallows.A riot of flowers almost overwhelms the eye.
New grass hides the traces of horses going by.
I never tire of visiting my loved east lake
In the shade of green poplars  on the white sand dyke.

A Visit to Qiantang Lake in Spring
Bai Juyi
钱唐湖春行              qián táng hú chūn xíng
孤山寺北贾亭西      gū shān sì běi jiǎ tíng xī
水面初平云脚低      shuǐ miàn chū píng yún jiǎo dī
几处早莺争暖树      jǐ chù zǎo yīng zhēng nuǎn shù
谁家新燕啄春泥      shuí jiā xīn yàn zhuó chūn ní
乱花渐欲迷人眼      luàn huā jiàn yù mí rén yǎn
浅草才能没马蹄      qiǎn cǎo cái néng mò mǎ tí
最爱湖东行不足      zuì ài hú dōng xíng bù zú
绿杨阴里白沙堤      lǜ yáng yīn lǐ bái shā dī
Gushan temple north Jiating west
Water surface first flat cloud base low
Several places early orioles fight warm tree
Every house new swallows peck spring mud
Disordered flowers gradually almost confuse person eye
Light grass able hide horse hoof
Most love lake east go not enough
Green poplar shade in white sand causeway
I wonder where in modern China one could go to find the
natural beauty and tranquility that Bai Juyi sees at his
“most loved eastern lake”? Are “disorderly flowers” allowed in the
planned economy?

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