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Meng Haoran :To Zhang, Climbing Orchid Mountain on an Autumn Day

P1000924docMy translation is short a line despite, I think, including much of the original sense and feeling – rare to be more compact that the original Chinese! Any suggestions about the missing line? 
The northern hills are cloaked in clouds of white
and to my recluse friend this brings delight.
To visit is a test: to climb the height
-feel with the wild goose in its fading flight-
Yet fear to climb in sunset’s fading light.
Clear autumn spurs on my desire to burning.
Across the sand the villagers returning
from work pause at the river’s edge to rest.
Against the sky trees fringe the mountain’s crest,
Beneath, a sand bar shining like the moon.
When we next meet, I’ll bring a jug or two
and share a drunken festival with you.
北山白云里        Bei3 shan1 bai2 yun2 li3
隐着自怡悦        Yin3 zhd3 zi4 yi2 yue4
相望式登高        Xiang1 wang4 shi4 deng1 gao1
心随雁飞灭        Xin1 sui2 yan5 fei1 mie4
愁因薄暮起        Chou2 yin3 bo2 mu4 qi3
兴是清秋发        Xing4 shi4 qing1 qiu1 fa1
时见归村人        Shi2 jian4 gui1 cun1 ren2
沙行渡头歇        Sha1 xing2 du4 tou2 xie1
天边树若荞        Tian1 bian1 shu4 ruo4 qiao2
江畔洲如月        Jiang1 pan4 zhou1 ru2 yue4
何当载酒来        He2 dang1 zai4 jiu3 lai2
共醉垂阳节        Gong4 zui4 chui2 yang2 jie2
Word for word translation:
North mountain white cloud in
Hermit self happy please
Mutual see try climb high
Heart like goose fly fade
Sorrow reason dusk increase
Desire be clear autumn cause
Now see return villagers
Sand walk crossing edge rest
Heaven edge tree like grass
River bank islet like moon
When bring wine bring
Together drunk near Yang festival

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