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Early Departure from Bai Di City – Li Bai

Early morn I  leave  Bai Di ,  amidst the colored clouds of dawn
A thousand li of hills and rivers in one day – still moving on.
As I passed by the river’s banks the monkeys’ calls rang far and wide.
My skiff sailed past  ten thousand mountains  more before their echoes died.
Setting out early from Bai Di City
zao fa bai di cheng
Early morning take leave of Bai Di amidst the splendors of Yunnan
zhao1 ci bai di cai3 yun jian
A thousand li of rivers and mountains passed in one day
qian li xiang ling yi re huan.
Monkeys on both sides of the river call out constantly
liang and yuan2 sheng ti2 bu zhu4
My little boat already passed through ten thousand massive mountains.
qing zhou1 yi guo wan zhong shan.

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