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Translation: A Study – Wang Wei


A Study (Laundry Day)

From the porch, light rain is falling from a sky of gray.
Slowly in the dark courtyard begins the weary day.
I sit, considering the moss, its color darkest green,
Just on the point of sorting clothes, to start the dull routine.

Literary Matter (Study)
Qing1yin1 ge2 xiao1 yu1
New moon/light overcast pavilion light rain
shen1 yuan4 zhou4 yong 1 kai1
dark courtyard daytime languid open/begin
zuo4 kan4 cang 1 tai2 se4
sit see dark green moss color
yu4 shang1 ren2 yi1 lai2
desire/on the point of  up/leave for person clothing come

Wang Wei

Light cloud pavilion light rain
Dark yard day weary open
Sit look green moss colour
About to on person clothes come
There’s light cloud, and drizzle round the pavilion,
In the dark yard, I wearily open a gate.
I sit and look at the colour of green moss,
Ready for people’s clothing to pick up.



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